Version 1.2.1 Release

A new version of the Waiter App is due to be released early morning on Monday 20th April. Please ensure you are upgraded to version 1.2.1 before open of business!

Instructions on how to upgrade your Waiter App can be found here if your tablet doesn't auto-update.

Amongst other updates, here's what's new 1.2.1:

  • Epicuri now supports a mixed environment of printers and on-screen displays. With previous versions it was one or the other; now you can have a screen in the kitchen and a printer at the bar, for example, and Epicuri resolves both for order ticket delivery.
  • If your tablet's USB is plugged into the mains the Print Queue will now refresh every 10 seconds or less instead of every 30. Faster printing on order creation! TIP: Multiple tablets with the Print Queue switched on will print even faster.
  • Bill totals will now show on the bill print instead of just the percentage