New version of waiter app to be released 21/7/2015

New server code to be released 22/7/2015 at 07:00am (15min downtime required)

Another substantial update covering a variety of new capability and also improvements. An area of particular focus has been printing order slips and customer bills. While we rely heavily on our printer manufacturer (Star Micronics) we have been working hard with them to diagnose and correct printing issues. This will continue to be monitored over the next few releases.

- Lollipop compatibility

The App has now been recoded for better for Android ‘Lollipop’ version compatibility.

This includes the start of moving toward the much nicer material design that Google are now recommending, this is largely an aesthetic change for devices running lollipop.

- Session History

In the (new!) slide out menu, those with a manager profile can now see ‘Session History’. This is a list of the recently closed sessions that have not yet been cashed up. This capability allows you to review the details of a closed session, reprint bills, reopen in case of mistaken closure and edit the details within the session. The Manager Manual will be updated shortly with all the details. **The app will show this option on 21/7/15 but it wont start working until the server update on 22/7/15**

- Additional status on the rows (better information for the staff)

The status information on the actions row will now give a better information as to the status of the table. Epicuri will highlight the difference between a table that has just been seated, when orders are placed and when the bill has been requested. Allows your host / staff to get a better feel for what's going on and give attention where appropriate.

- Additional reporting elements

More detail is now available in some of the reports available from the portal.

Menu Item Sales (Details) - Item tax details and item type added

Menu Item Sales (Aggregated) - Item tax details and item type added

Payment Details - Columns for MEWS added (will be blank if not applicable)

Table & Takeaway Revenue - Columns for total adjustments and total tips

-Update Star micronics SDK

We have updated the printing protocol used by Epicuri.This code is created by Star Micronics and is the interface through which bill printing and order slip printing is done. This update should introduce some more stability where printing is concerned. We continue to monitor

-Update Print Queue management

We have implemented some improvements to the print queue handling to reduce the chance that order slips are delayed or duplicated during processing.

- Preparation for Quick Order

Some server elements have been added for the upcoming 'Quick Order' capability. Nothing can be seen just yet, but it's on the way soon!

and the usual Bugfixes and improvements.

Please raise any issues through