Is the Red Light on the Printer Flashing?

A red flashing light indicates the printer has lost connection to the router, has run out of paper or some other hardware related issue. Any of these will make a print job fail.

To eliminate network failure, print a self-test. If an IP address pops up and you don't see any reference to "" anywhere, then the network connection is ok. If the printer roll isn't the issue either, then there is a hardware failure with the printer itself. This is pretty rare! Try a printer redirect 

Is a Printer Queue Running on Any Tablet?

The Print Queue needs to be running on at least 1 tablet for print jobs to go through to the printer. Please refer to the Print Queue section in the Waiter App Manager's Manual.

NOTE: This is only required if you use printers to deliver orders to the bar/kitchen etc. It is not required if you only use printers for bill prints.

Why Does the Cutter or Printing Sometimes Stop Halfway?

This is known to occur on very busy networks and routers. Most industrial-strength routers should cope with the traffic to a printer, however sometimes messages to the printer can get it a bit confused. The recommended solution is to enable "Multi Session" on the printer. Detailed steps are given by the manufacturer, Star Micronics, here.

Are Printers and Tablets on the Same Network?

The IP address of the printer has to be reachable from the tablet. An IP address is often local to the router network - so if you connect the printer up to one router and tablets to another then they cannot communicate with each other. 

If you know the IP address of the router (you can get it by doing a self-test) you can quickly test whether the IP address is connectable simply by firstly making sure the printer is switched on, then opening a browser window on the tablet and typing the IP address into the address bar. If you get something like "Web page not found" then your printer is probably on a different network or hasn't been configured properly.