The Epicuri customer portal is a way to get at your restaurant data, see live order ticketing and much more.

Logging onto the portal

Step 1: and click on Connect → Portal

Step 2: Log into the portal with your details


The login credentials are the same as used to log into the Epicuri waiter app on the tablet. If you require help please contact Support with your restaurant details.

Navigating the portal

Once authenticated, the portal will present you with a number of choices

Option 1: Pending orders

This is a view of the order tickets coming through the printers. This view is also available from the Epicuri waiter app

Once selected, a choice of the available printers will be presented.

Choose the appropriate printer and an onscreen view of the order slips will be shown with live updating.

Individual items can be marked as complete, as can the whole ticket be marked as done all at once. Once complete, the ticket will go move to the right, go grey and disappear after 5 mins.

All orders from tables will appear in this queue once orders are taken, takeaways will also appear once they cross the time threshold set by the manager during the initial Epicuri configuration.

Press the back button on your browser to exit back to the portal options.

Option 2: Business Intelligence

Use this option to view details of your restaurant activity and trends. This view is also available from the Epicuri waiter app.

Once selected, a choice of time period will be presented.

This selection will filter the data to allow you to focus on a specific period of activity for your restaurant. The panels will give you some insight into restaurant activity.

Option 3: Reporting Centre

Use this option to extract detailed data of the activity in the restaurant.

The various reports currently available are described on the title screen, each report output can be generated by clicking through on the relevant title.

Once selected, some configuration options are available.

Include Report Header

Adds the titles of the columns in the first row of the output.


Applies a sort on the report for convenience.

Start/End Time

Allows a filter on the time period of the report.

On ‘Generate Report’, the data is downloaded locally as CSV ready to be manipulated in Excel or used as a feed to other systems.

For more support, please contact