Epicuri usually sends order tickets to printers, which would be located in the bar or the kitchen, etc.

It is also possible to have on-screen order tickets. These are considered more reliable than printers, which could break or get damaged. It's very easy to set up on-screen displays. All that is required is:

  • A web-enabled touch-screen TV, or PC, laptop or even one of your tablets - basically anything that has a browser will work
  • A web browser software on the TV (each TV will differ in how to activate the browser - please see manufacturer's instructions)
  • Your Waiter App credentials and the ID of your restaurant

How to Log into Live Order Tickets View

  1. Open the browser on the PC or TV
  2. Go to http://api.epicuri.co.uk/cpe/Auth/Login
  3. Plug in your credentials
  4. Click on Pending Orders
  5. Select the location you would like to see (a "location is in fact a printer destination!)
  6. You will now see the ticketing view for that printer

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are using Waiter App version 1.2.0 or previous, onscreen displays and printer mixed environments are not supported, therefore do not switch on the Print Queue on the Waiter App, otherwise you may get errors. As of Waiter App version 1.2.1 mixed environments are supported.

TIP: If you need to see multiple locations on the same screen, just open two browser windows and split the screen. 

TIP: The Waiter App has an in-built view of this too, click on "..." and press "Bar/Kitchen View".