** If you are having trouble updating, simply uninstall and reinstall the app from the play store **


Some great new features!!

- When ordering items, the screen default is to hide guests table, you can get more on the screen soits more clear and less scrolling! Same in order review.

- Customer bill renders better on certain screens

- The app refreshes are smarter in places, you dont have to manually refresh quite so often saving a few clicks

- Updates the Star Micronics printer library for better prints and reliability 

- Print queue will now turn off when you are logged out (saving battery), Sont worry!  it remembers your setting and turns back on when you log back in!

- Handle accidental double taps in quick order, people were accidentally ordering two items instead of one

- Smarter toast messages (those friendly little message that fade in at the bottom of the screen)


- Fix to pending reservations causing app slowdown fixed

- Fixes to 'Session details'

- Fixes while selecting unavailable items

- Fixes quick order slowdown (if/when it cant find a printer)

- Fix where drawkicks were happening multiple times


Bug fixes, minor release


Bug fixes

Correct incorrect MEWS payment box


Bug fixes


New app update scheduled for release in the early hours of 20/03/2017. A large release focused on the waiter app with significant changes to prepare for upcoming server migration (to a bigger, faster and more robust platform).

Changes to the waiter app are as follows...

- Improved Lockscreen

The lock screen is now prettier, easier to use and its faster to get back into the app. It also shows some useful information at a glance.  

-  Smarter cashdrawer kicks

When the session is marked as paid, the cash drawer (if connected) will kick open. To support best practice, wait staff should only mark as paid when the table is fully settled and when they are by the cash drawer. There is also now a manual kick drawer on the quick order screen.

- Smarter Print Queue

The print queue has been made more efficient. It will also remember your selection from the first time you answer the "Start Print Queue?" question. If you need to change your response, simply go into the print queue to reset, again it will just remember it. Saves you a click every time you log in.  

- Handy number badges

The app will show number badges on 'Unseated guests' to show how many parties you have waiting for attention, don't leave them waiting!

- Compatible with Amazon fire

Another hardware choice, Amazon fire tablets have great screens and are very reasonably priced (approx £35). Let us know if you want to use Epicuri on Amazon Fire and we can help set you up. 

The more significant bugs that have been squashed.

- Quick order 

Fixed intermittent crash when 'discarding' a quick order.

- Order double up

Fixed bug that caused a double order if order submit button was double tapped by accident 

In addition to the above, some scenario's that could potentially lead to a crash have been identified and resolved. Also, some fundamental internal changes to the internal workings of the app to improve performance and talk nicely to the new server, making this update very significant explaining the long development time and even longer testing cycle on our side.

If you have any questions or problems please raise with support AT epicuri.co.uk and we will get right onto it!