New app version and server code to be released 07/10/2015 at 07:00am (15min downtime required)

A nice big juicy update to the Epicuri feature set... sorry for delays but we kept finding gremlins that needed to be chased out!

New features!

- Quick Order

Here is is! the one everyone has been waiting for. Launch 'Quick Order' using the lightning icon from the hub and you launch an alternative ordering screen better suited for 'fixed' position tablets. Choose your items then choose whether to put them on a table, tab or settle immediately. The whole process has been cut down to barebones and is build for speed and convenience, it's already pretty good...we will use this as a basis to make it even better and polished with versions to come.

- Add payments to receipt

As you add payments to a session, hit the print icon again for an updated receipt with a recalculated outstanding amount.

- Auto Print

Hit print and the receipt will automatically print in 3 seconds using your default settings... saves you a couple clicks. Tap anywhere on the screen to cancel.

- Receipt print destination

If you tap on the screen to cancel the auto print, you will be able to select any of your other printers to send the receipt to...set up a printer nearby and save some miles on your tired legs!

- Logging and monitoring

The app now is now much better at logging and monitoring itself, more capabilities for us to see what is going on so that we can pre-empt any problems and get ahead at fixing them.

A number bugs squashed! Most significantly...

- Print Queue now recovers more gracefully after crash

We found a bug whereby if the Epicuri app was to crash (for whatever reason) it meant that that sometimes the print queue on that tablet would hog jobs but not print them. We suspected this on previous releases but have finally managed to recreate this issue and eradicated it. Prints should be more stable now.

and more of the usual bugfixes and improvements.


Please raise any issues through