Every individual menu item is assigned to a printer, this can be seen in 'Menu Manager'. 

Rather than as a physical printer, think of this as a way of grouping menu items together for the order slip for certain staff to action.

Typically we will have set up some printers (groups) ie 'Bar' & 'Kitchen' so when you take an order then all the 'Bar' type items will print together and 'Kitchen' type items together on a separate slip.

Usually these Bar and Kitchen print jobs need to be forwarded to different physical locations so we would have set up separate physical printers in each of these locations to receive and print the order slips for the staff to action.

Additional we would pick one of the printers from the list as a destination for the customer receipts.

See attached for a diagrammatic view, this is the basic setup and by far the most common, however Epicuri is flexible to cope with many different printing scenarios. Here are a few that are in use today.

-Some restaurants, we want the slips to be separate but we want them to print on the same physical printer. The solution here is to still have distinct printers set up on the menuitem but then set up a printing redirect to send the 'bar' orderslips to the kitchen physical printer.

-Some restaurant prefer to use an onscreen display, speak to Epicuri support to create a 'virtual' printer that will still allow you to separate the order but then will only show it onscreen (via the Bar/kitchen onscreen view from the Epicuri app or the customer portal)

- Some items ordered do not need to be printed (ie course selection for a set menu) for these items we can set up a 'no print' option. 

In short, Epicuri is built to be flexible around how you run your service. Any questions about making the printing work better for you just get in touch.

Epicuri Support