What is Mews?

Mews Systems is a hospitality PMS for which Epicuri has a one way push integration. With this integration you can take orders from your Epicuri system in your inhouse bar/restaurant and charge the bill directly to a room via a search facility within the Epicuri app. 

Requesting an Integration

At the time of writing, an integration with Mews requires a request to Epicuri Support to enable the integration. Customer Support will require the following items, which can be retrieved via the Mews interface or via their Customer Support service:

  1. Your Mews Access Token: this is a special alphanumeric token unique to your establishment, which enables us to authenticate our service with Mews.
  2. Mews Service ID: this is a unique ID that identifies where orders originating from Epicuri land within Mews.

Once we have these two pieces of information the integration can be set up very quickly and will be made available for you to use on Epicuri immediately.