New server code and waiter app released 29/05/2015. 

This exciting release introduces some new features, fixes and some adjustments to the user experience to help make things run faster!


- "Quick Seat"

We are happy to introduce another great time-saving feature. Click an empty table on your floorplan to quickly seat a party without having to maintain additional details. Party of 2? Get ready to take the order in just 2 clicks! Give it a go, or check out the waiter manual section 6.1.5 for details.

- "Create Party" box improved

There are now quick select buttons for the number in a party, much faster than dragging a scroller up and down. Defaults to party of 2 for convenience.

.... and even more trimming down of clicks!

We continue to look hard for where clicks can be removed, it's a careful balance between convenience and usability! In this release we have targetted a number of screens for improvement and so managed to reduce potentially 10 or so clicks from processing a typical seated session.

  • When moving to session detail screen, the ‘Orders’ section will open by default rather than 'Actions' (1 click removed)
  • When removing items from the orders tab, the top item is pre-selected (1 click removed)
  • When browsing through the menu to add items to an order, when the category is chosen the groups will be shown as headers rather than collapsable/expandable groups. (3-8 clicks removed)
  • When bill request is pushed on sessions and on takeaways, the focus should move to the payments tab.  This should also happen when adding a payment. (1 click removed)
  • When pushing cashup from simulate, the action should Cashup and dismiss at the same time. (1 click removed)
  • When selecting discounts, please default to % rather than monetary (1 click removed)
  • Show cashup list in descending date order (no dragging needed)
  • Takeaways for restaurants the screen should default to collection rather than delivery (1 click removed)
  • On takeaways, when pressing ‘next’ from the screen with the initial data, it should take you directly to the order screen, not oblige to push ‘add items’ button again (1 click removed)

- On hub view, the context menu option for “Bar/Kitchen schedule” has been renamed to “Order Schedule” 

- For MEWS connected restaurants, there is now the capability to charge tip/gratuity to rooms.

- Menu data now available for your website via API 

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- Fixed a potential cause of printing crash 

- A number of other general bugfixes and performance improvements.

Please raise any issues with