New server code and waiter app released 20/04/2015. 


- Additional detail on customer receipt

The customer receipt now includes the gratuity amount and % specifically

Also includes the unique 'session number' to help with reconciliation with reporting

- Tips added to the bill now included as part of the 'amount due' calculation

Any tip applied to the customer bill will be included when calculating the amount due. Cannot 'mark as paid' until at least the total (including tip) is covered by payments.

- Tip/Overpayments now included in cashup output

Tips plus any other overpayments are logged into the 'Tips/Overpayment' bucket on cashup

- Print queue improvements 

Previously the print queue for the printers ran on a 30 sec cycle, now if the tablet it plugged into a power source, the prints queue will cycle every 10 seconds. This means there is no longer than 10 secs wait for the order-slips to be sent to the printer.

- Can now use physical printers and on-screen view for order-slips together

Can now use both in a mixed setting, ability to set certain items not to print by sending them to a dummy screen (eg course selections for set menu)

- Delivery charges in cashup

Any charges levied for deliveries are now included in cashup output.


- Improvements to MEWS integration

- General bugfixes and performance improvements.

Please raise any issues with